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Use of high-tech means to deal with graphite processing!

Title:2014-10-29 Click:1473Secondary

With the growing accelerated upgrading of electronic products and mini, high integration and high performance electronic equipment thermal management needs. This new natural graphite solutions, high efficiency of heat radiation, occupied space is small, light weight, along the two directions of the uniform heat conduction, eliminate "hot spots", heat shield and components and improved consumer electronic products performance.

Graphite sheet processing by feeding system, pulverizing system, network system composed of three parts and materials. Graphite sheet processing industry has made remarkable achievements, crushing is the leading domestic level in the field of spheroidal graphite. Material via the feeding system of continuous and stable into a set of one or more sets of ACM60 pulverizer system of coarse crushing, and then by ACM30 and 260 system were repeatedly grinding, grading, scattered to achieve spherical graphite, which tails and finished products produced by the system can through ventilation network system and charging system of unified collection.

Electrical control can also be used leading PLC automation design, realize pulverizing of unmanned continuous operation and long production line computer control operation. The whole system of the feeding point less, with a high degree of automation of the electrical control system, can achieve a higher degree of automation production, save the human resources and effectively control the dust pollution in the workshop. The crushing system generally consists of multiple sets of ACM60 type grinding system and ACM30 with 260 grading system. The equipment in the system, emissions can be flexibly adjusted according to the actual demand, by the number of change discharge hose to facilitate adjustment in the same group of 60 units, 30 units.


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