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High temperature resistant graphite rod in the gossip furnace roll!

Title:2014-10-30 Click:1417Secondary

Shi Mobang used attention in the high-temperature furnace:

(1) to the amount of current with graphite rod is bigger, the appearance of high temperature graphite rod. The use of small outside load density (power) is recommended.. Please note that the graphite rod cold end numerical recording at 1000 DEG C in the air current, voltage, and practice does not necessarily match. Under normal circumstances, and the appearance of a graphite rod power is obtained by the relationship between the furnace temperature and the graphite rod surface temperature, recommend the use of graphite rod density limit of 1 / 2-1 / 3 numerical appearance power (w / cm2), high temperature resistant graphite rod!

(2) the graphite rod is in parallel. If graphite rod resistance differences, series high resistance of the graphite rod load concentration, lead to a graphite rod resistance quickly added, shorter life expectancy.

(3) graphite rod in the air is heated, formed on the surface of compact silicon oxide film, causing the antioxidant protective film, to extend life. In recent years, the development of various types of coating graphite rods to avoid cracking, for all kinds of gas furnace!

Graphite rod (4) temperature distribution characteristics, the new shipment of reflection specifications for the useful length of fever within the delta of 60 DEG C to pass, of course, temperature distribution will follow the aging changes of, and ultimately to reach 200 degrees. The detailed temperature distribution change for furnace atmosphere, the use of the premise of differences and differences.

(5) continue using graphite rods, may slow added resistance to maintain long life.

(6) graphite rod followed by higher temperature life is shorter and temperature in the hearth super 1400 DEG C in the future, and accelerate the speed of oxidation, shortened life expectancy, use pay attention to try not to let the graphite rod surface temperature is exorbitant!


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