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Industrial spin Trojan, rotating graphite ring!

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Haimen Huiren graphite product factory is mainly engaged in all kinds of rotating graphite ring, graphite electrode plate, graphite fight ring, PTFE graphite, graphite seal ring, high temperature resistant graphite rods, high purity graphite scraping and industrial graphite scraping, high-temperature resistant graphite scraping products production and processing, relying on first-class production equipment, advanced production process, perfect detection means, to customers provide quality products. Hurry up! Tel: 0513-82865700!

Application features of rotary graphite ring:

Graphite ring due to its excellent high temperature resistance, self lubrication, low friction coefficient, wear resistance, resistance to chemical corrosion, good thermal conductivity and thermal expansion coefficient is small, alternating high and low temperature performance of adaptability and the material physical and mechanical properties of, as a mechanical sealing applications in the field of key parts has been more than 2000 years of history, and is widely used in papermaking, textile, medicine, military and other industries.

Rotating graphite ring is the main wearing part of the rotary joint.. At runtime, the sealing ring is not only bear the internal fluid pressure and will inherit from the friction of the outside of the tube and shell. Therefore, the speed, temperature and medium can affect the service life of the sealing ring. To a large extent, the rotating joint is actually just a sealed enclosure. The poor quality of the sealing ring wear faster, resulting in the increase of maintenance, downtime, and repair cost. If the seal failure, then medium leakage will affect the equipment for heating or cooling efficiency. A sealing ring is the replacement cost compared to the total economic loss of seal is much smaller.


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