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Leaders in industry - graphite crucible!

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Look at the graphite crucible with which of the fine and traditional features!

Graphite crucible has the following features:

1, graphite crucible high density makes the crucible has the best thermal conductivity and the heat transfer effect is better than the other imported crucible.

2, graphite crucible appearance have special glaze layer and a dense molding material, greatly improve the products resistance corrosion performance, prolong the service life;

3. components of graphite and graphite crucible in all the use of natural graphite, the thermal conductivity is very good. Graphite crucible after heating can not be immediately placed in cold metal on the desktop, in order to avoid it because of rapid cooling and rupture. A variety of small number of the most suitable for alloy melting crucible. If you want to change the type of alloy, graphite crucible can only exchange. Other fusion methods like reverberatory furnace and crucible induction furnace melting, suitable for in a large number of single alloy melting, if transform melting alloy type, if not replacing lining refractories, metal pollution. Graphite crucible, because has more excellent performance, so in the industries of metallurgy, casting, mechanical, chemical etc., is widely used in smelting of alloy tool steel smelting and nonferrous metals and their alloys. And have better technical and economic results.

In a graphite crucible, graphite crucible and universal type shaped graphite crucible and high pure graphite crucible three. Various types of graphite crucible, owing to the different uses and conditions of use and performance, the use of raw materials, production method, technology and product specifications also are different.


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