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Vacuum pump graphite scraper

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Vacuum pump graphite scraper

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[vacuum pump graphite scraper] material introduction:

Graphite is a carbon crystal, is a non-metallic materials, color silver gray, soft, with a metallic luster. Mohs hardness is 1~2, the proportion of 2.2~2.3, its density is generally 1.5~1.8.

Graphite melting points high, under vacuum to 3000 DEG C began to soften the trend of molten state, to 36 DEG C when graphite begins to evaporation sublimation, general materials in high temperature strength decreases gradually and graphite in the heating to 2000 DEG C, the strength but comparing with normal temperature, improve a times, but the graphite oxidation resistance difference tends to increase with the temperature increased oxidation rate.

Vacuum pump graphite scraper

Vacuum pump graphite scraper

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