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Durable graphite sheet

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Durable graphite sheet

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The excellent properties and application fields of the durable graphite plate:

Durable graphite plate is a very good performance of refractory materials, it is widely used in metallurgical industry, machinery industry, chemical industry and other fields, especially in recent years, two important changes in refractory industry is magnesia carbon brick has been widely applied in the steelmaking furnace lining, and aluminum carbon brick in continuous casting applications. The graphite refractories and steelmaking refractories are closely linked, the world steel industry about consumption.

Magnesia carbon brick, magnesia carbon refractories in the mid-1990s, developed by the United States, age, Japanese steelmaking began magnesia carbon brick for water cooling electric arc furnace. At present in the world within the scope of MgO-C brick has been widely used in steelmaking, and has become a traditional use of graphite. In the early 1990s, MgO-C brick began to lining the oxygen top blowing converter.

Graphite plate of high temperature resistant, low temperature resistant performance is to make packing ring, graphite strip, a sealing gasket, composite plate, cylinder pad, paste on the surface of the metal. Widely used in electric power, petroleum, chemical industry, instrument, machinery and other industries, tubes, pump, valve dynamic sealing and static sealing is to replace rubber, fluorine plastic, asbestos and other traditional sealing piece of the ideal new type sealing material.

Durable graphite sheet


Durable graphite sheet


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