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Thermal conductivity of graphite plate

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Thermal conductivity of graphite plate

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in the industrial application of thermal conductivity of graphite plate:

Thermal conductivity of graphite plate is widely used in the industrial production of lubricant for machinery manufacturing industry, making electrode and a pencil core; widely used in metallurgical industry senior refractory materials and coatings, military industrial explosive materials stabilizer, light industrial pencil core, electrical, industrial brush, industrial battery electrode, catalyst in the chemical fertilizer industry. Flake graphite after deep processing and produce milk graphite, graphite sealing materials and composite materials, graphite product, graphite antifriction additives and other high-tech products, which have become important nonmetallic mineral raw material of various industrial sectors.

Graphite plate the biggest use is in the semiconductor field, but in solar cells, sensors, Nano Electronics, high performance nano electronic devices, composite materials, field emission materials application is very extensive.

We used to know graphite plate is no longer simple -- just as electrode. Now the important position in the industry is the possession of graphite be obvious to people.
Thermal conductivity of graphite plate


Thermal conductivity of graphite plate

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