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Shi Mohuan

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Shi Mohuan

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the graphite ring replacement procedure:

Graphite ring breakage or cast aluminum rod under water without blocking, aluminum rod surface rough, you must replace the graphite ring.

Four, loosen the bolt 1 grain mold, the mold is removed from the mold on the stage.

2, remove the three O type sealing ring with special tool, unscrew the pressure ring out of the adapter plate.

3, loosen the mold two inner six angle bolts, the mold is divided into two pieces, pay attention to taking the O type a circle in the two mode.

4, in a small rotary table will be crystallized ring inversion put and rotation, LPG air heating crystallizer until graphite ring fell.

5, put the mold ring and put on the new graphite ring, and a little note material pressing graphite ring. In the hot graphite ring with a lard.

6, natural cooling after loading back all materials and clean, pay attention to the small O ring and its position, the overflow hole alignment.
Shi Mohuan

Shi Mohuan

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