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High purity Shi Mohuan

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High purity Shi Mohuan

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The performance of high purity graphite ring:

Using flexible graphite belt or flexible graphite braided packing, the molded into different dimensions of cyclic products.

Adapt to the hot water, high temperature and high pressure steam, heat exchange fluid, nitrogen, organic solvents, hydrocarbons, low temperature liquids, and other media.

For compressor, pump, valve, chemical instruments, etc..

Pressure (Mpa): 25 (c) temperature: -200 ~ 850 line speed (m/s): 30 pH value: 0 ~ 14

The graphite ring consists of flexible graphite and carbon graphite ring.

Carbon graphite sealing ring is mainly used in the mechanical rotating parts.

Carbon graphite ring has the characteristics of high temperature and corrosion resistance abrasion resistance.

High purity Shi Mohuan

High purity Shi Mohuan

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