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Graphite crucible

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Graphite crucible

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the basic properties of graphite crucible:

1 good thermal stability of graphite crucible: graphite crucible for rapid heating and cooling conditions of use,

2 graphite crucible, good corrosion resistance, impact resistance, to ensure the reliability of product quality.

3 graphite crucible, good resistance to acid and alkali.

The heat conduction performance of 4 graphite crucible: good can greatly shorten the melting time and energy saving.

Ash 5 graphite crucible is less than 0.1%, to ensure that the precious metals are not contaminated during smelting process.

6. Characteristics: with good thermal conductivity and resistance to high temperature and in high temperature in use process, thermal expansion coefficient is small, on acute heat and quench with strain resistance. The acid alkali solution, corrosion resistance strong, excellent chemical stability. Molten gold, silver, platinum and other precious metal and other alloys with high purity graphite crucible and is resistant to high temperature, anti-oxidation corrosion resistance and long service life.

Graphite crucible

Graphite crucible

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