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Shi Moban

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Shi Moban

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Alternative use of graphite plate:

Graphite plate is a kind of refractory materials, widely used in metallurgy industry, but did you know that the graphite plate can also be used for sewage treatment.

Graphite plate for the environmental protection industry, sewage treatment, used as anode and graphite powder Zhongshan manufacturing all kinds of graphite anode, anode tube, graphite anode rod (also known as graphite cathode plate, a graphite anode rod) is resistant to high temperature, conductive heat conduction performance is good, easy machining, chemical stability is good, acid and alkali resistant erosion, low ash, used for electrolysis of aqueous solutions, preparation of chlorine, caustic soda, electrolytic salt solution to prepare alkali; or for all kinds of metal plating of non metallic carrier, applications such as graphite anode plate can be conductive anode electrolytic salt solution manufacture of caustic soda as. Can also be used in chemical industry, electronics, textile industry of graphite powder sewage treatment.

Shi Moban


Shi Moban

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