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Graphite electrode plate

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Graphite electrode plate

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the basic use of graphite electrode:

1) refractory materials: in the smelting industry, with graphite manufacturing graphite crucible, ingot protective agent, smelting furnace lining magnesia carbon brick.

2) a conductive material: in the electrical equipment industry, the widespread adoption of graphite electrode, carbon brush, flashlight, carbon nanotubes and TV picture tube coating.

3) wear-resistant materials and lubricants: in many mechanical equipment, using graphite as wear-resistant and lubricating material, can in the - 200 to 2000 DEG C temperature range to 100M / s sliding speed, no or less lubricating oil.

4) sealing material: flexible graphite as centrifugal pump, turbine, steam turbine and conveying medium corrosion of equipment of piston ring gasket, seal, and so on.

5) corrosion resistant material: graphite as vessels, pipelines and equipment, corrosion resistant to various corrosive gases and liquids, widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgical and other departments.

6) insulation, high temperature resistance, anti radiation material: Graphite neutrons in a nuclear reactor as a reduction agent and nozzle of rocket and missile nose cone, aerospace equipment parts, insulation material, anti radiation material.

Graphite electrode plate

Graphite electrode plate

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